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    10 Tips to safeguard your Domain Name

    Domain Name is your ticket to Internet presence. It is your identity on World Wide Web Internet. Take it seriously. Protect your brand name through judicious choice of domain name. Once registered secure access to your domain control panels. Such and many other easy to follow tips will ensure that your domain name remains secure on internet.

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    10 Steps to Protect your Online Security

    Safety & Security of your online websites and applications has gained more importance as we rely more and more on internet for reaching out to customers. The websites can be hacked, sensitive customer data can be stolen, files can be infected by viruses & malware : all this can cripple a business. Take proactive steps to avoid getting hurt.

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    Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform is one of the most widely used cloud infrastructure that runs popular applications like Google Search and YouTube. Google Cloud can be used to host simple websites to mobile apps to complex applications. A range of developer tools and resources makes it the preferred choice for cloud hosting.

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    Tax Compliance for Hosting Services in India

    There are tax related ambiguities for Hosting companies and for end-customers availing of services from hosting companies. There are few unique buyer-seller scenarios having different tax implications as applicable to an Indian Hosting Company like Sanver E-Solutions: Scene 1: Foreign ISP (like Rackspace) + Indian company as end-customer Scene 2: Foreign ISP (like Rackspace) + […]

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