Team Sanver

Life @ Sanver

  • Saturday Activity: All of us here at Sanver understand how to prioritize things. That is why we plan all our Saturday employee engagement programs well in advance…on Monday itself, 5 days is enough time to plan…what do you say? Job well done calls for celebrations. We believe in work hard and party harder 🙂
  • Ring the bell: To gather all the colleagues and share anything good which has happened.
  • Sweets: No better way than sweets to celebrate our success when we achieve certain targets of sales.
  • Morning Breakfast: To have healthy breakfast and have morning compulsory News Session to increase each other’s knowledge.


         What We Do

  • Eat Lunch Together
  • Work – Life Balance
  • Foster Creative Thinking
  • Encourage Friendly Environment
  • Transparency / Promote Openness
          What We Don’t

  • Crazy Deadlines
  • 60 Hours Week
  • Inequality
  • Office Politics
  • Discrimination


What kicks the fire in your belly?

Sales & Marketing? Technology? Accounts? … some people love to travel distances and meet customers… others love to create things sitting in office over a cup of coffee. We love all types.

You can test yourself under range of business environments…. be it Sports, Travel, Technology, Media, Events…. we also love when you have a business idea that nobody wants to listen to… maybe we can fund them.

Sanver represents a range of possibilities who want to make a difference in their career and in their life. Explore our business and let us know what you would like to do in Sanver.


Job Opportunities @ Sanver

Sanver E – Solution Private Limited

Sanver Sports Private Limited


Benefits of working @ Sanver


We believe in taking care of our employees in the same way that we take care of our customers. The employee care starts with ensuring that we comply with all rules and regulations governing the employee welfare and then it goes much beyond that…

  • Competitive salary structure
  • Medical Insurance, Accident Insurance and Travel Insurance
  • We encourage employees to buy books of their choice and share the readings / learning’s with other staff members
  • Well stocked pantry in office
  • Modern office complex and well-appointed office interiors
  • Access to travel related services through our Sports Travel company
  • “Activity Time” on weekends when we celebrate after working hard for the week
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based on Sex, Religion, Skin Color, Caste, Physical disability and on Sexual preferences


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