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CRM Consulting

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. The customer relationship management approach tries to analyze data about customers’ history with a company, in order to better improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on retaining customers, in order to drive sales growth. [from Wikipedia]

Emerging Trends in CRM

  1. Customer Centricity
    • “Customer Centricity” has been the guiding principle to businesses in how they relate to their customers. This has not changed much over a period of time. What has changed is the power in the hands of the customer in how they approach & relate to businesses.
  2. Access to information
    • In this age of information explosion, any meaningful contact from the prospective customer is initiated only after a thorough analysis of publicly available information from multiple sources.
  3. Customer Connect
    • Customers would like to connect with the business (both pre as well as post-purchase phase) through multiple channels. Social media have become more powerful that what businesses may like to believe in.
  4. Customer Experience
    • Customer retention is based on expected customer experience irrespective of touchpoint with the business. Business processes need to be defined and executed in a way that a similar set of customer experience is presented to the customer irrespective of the reason or the channels used by the customer to interact with the business.
  5. Data Analytics
    • Customer behavior or what drives them is often hidden in piles of data from POS terminals or call logs or web analytics. Businesses who can decode what drives the customers to purchase their goods or services will be in a better position to attract and retain more profitable customers.


What we do in CRM

We consult businesses about creating and maintaining profitable customer relationships and building superior brand value to foster greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are Zoho Authorised Consulting and Implementation Partner.  We implement Zoho CRM for clients in India and in other parts of world.

Our CRM Advisory Services


We make a 360-degree review of all customer-facing processes in the company and come up with a gap analysis report based on our CRM Matrices. This forms the basis of our implementation practice.

The review covers:

  • Website, Micro-sites, Mobile Apps, Social Media presence, PDF Documents, Video and PowerPoint presentations
  • MIS, Invoicing and Accounting practices
  • Existing practices and tools for collecting and analyzing customer transaction/interaction data
  • Marketing Promotion strategy and practices
  • Post sale support process and tools employed
  • Practices and tools used for analyzing customer satisfaction matrices, customer retention and customer profitability targets
  • Collaboration & Communication tools used by employees and business partners


We undertake a 360-degree assessment of the client’s business approach towards customer-centricity. Based on our assessment we suggest a number of strategies or process initiatives often backed by the right software application tool.

Zoho Authorized Partner

We are Zoho CRM Plus Consulting & Implementation Partner. Some of the major apps we focus on are:

  • Sales & Marketing
      • Zoho CRM
      • Zoho SalesIQ
      • Zoho Backstage
  • Finance
      • Zoho Books
      • Zoho Invoice
      • Zoho Payroll
  • Email & Collaboration
      • Zoho Mail
      • Zoho Projects
      • Zoho Meetings
  • IT & Helpdesk
      • Zoho Desk
      • Zoho Identity Management
  • Human Resources
      • Zoho Recruit
      • Zoho People
SugarCRM and SuiteCRM

We offer the following services for SugarCRM and SuiteCRM:

        • CRM Consulting
        • CRM Customisation
        • CRM Module Development
        • CRM Integration with 3rd party tools/applications
        • Admin & User Training
        • SLA based Technical Support
Sanver Cloud CRM
        • It is a Cloud CRM developed by our in-house development team.
        • It is based on SugarCRM Open Source and has all the features/functionality of SugarCRM Professional Edition
        • We can offer Sanver Cloud CRM hosted on Google Cloud Platform or on your own Dedicated Server
        • The CRM can be fully customized as per our your needs
Google Cloud Partner

We focus on:

    • G Suite
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Google Maps


Sanver E-Solutions has a decade long experience in CRM implementation for Indian as well as overseas clients.

  • Zoho CRM Consulting & Gap Analysis
    • Selection of the right Zoho CRM Apps as per the CRM Consulting & Gap Analysis Report
    • Selecting the right team members in the client company for implementation
  • Customization of Zoho CRM Apps
  • Data Migration from legacy CRM applications and data sources
  • Integration with Cloud Email services (G Suite, Office 365, etc.), MailChimp Email Marketing Suite, Web to Lead form, etc.
  • 3rd Party application integration on a case to case basis
  • Admin & User Training
  • On-going Technical Support


  1. We sell & renew G Suite and Zoho Licenses.
  2. CRM Consulting & Implementation cost starts from Rs.75,000 / $1,000
  3. We have implemented CRM solutions for clients in India, Germany, Nigeria, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Spain and in Sri Lanka.
  4. You can outsource your development, implementation and ongoing technical support tasks to us. All our services are based on SLA (Service Level Agreement).


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