Train Your Staff 🙂

Google Apps Training program for users and adminWe buy a new product which suits with our Enterprise needs, but many a times we do not utilize the usability of the product. Due to lack of training, we are not aware of many features that we get within the same cost.

Why Training? Employee training is essential for an organization’s success. As training grows employees strength and ultimately it grows your business. Sanver E-Solution will help you in learning the product and find new effective ways to implement the same.  Our fully trained staff will help you to understand the product deeply and make use of it in a productive way. Effective training will help you to :

  • Save time
  • Achieve Targets
  • Increase ROI
  • Improve Profitability
  • Good Company Image

We provide following training programs
  1. Google Apps
    1. Training for Sales & Marketing users
    2. Training for Human Resources users
    3. Training for IT & Admin users
    4. Training for General users
    5. Training for users in Retail Sector
    6. Training for users in Manufacturing Sector
  2. SugarCRM:
    1. Installation of SugarCRM
    2. Administrators training
    3. End user training
    4. Developer Tools
  3. WordPress:
    1. Installation of themes
    2. Downloading Plugins
    3. Updating Website content
    4. Creating & updating blogs
    5. Managing posts & pages

Why training from Sanver E-Solutions???

  • Google Apps for Work:
    • Sanver E-Solution provides an easy to understand training solution for better understanding of Google Apps.Register for Google Apps Training Program
    • Google Apps has a new upgrade or a new feature everyday. Visit our What’s New Posts for the month, that will elaborate about new features in Google Apps for this month.
    • We are updated by the Google Apps every day and we bring you with the updated information for your better use.
  • SugarCRM
    • We do provide training for SugarCRM, that helps you to manage your customer data.
    • Keep all the information on one page and access the same from one panel.
    • Send Emails from SugarCRM to your customer, manage and store all the documents at same place, keep tract of all the activities (Meetings, Calls, Tasks) related to client and view all on same panels.
    • Use SugarCRM for keeping track of your opportunities and manage them, view ROI for the period and forecast your future opportunities.
  • WordPress
    • Worlds 20% websites are created using WordPress.
    • Use a simple tool to create, update and manage your website.
    • Create new posts and keep your website updated.
    • Use forms for being connected to your customers.