EV SSL Certificate

Secure E-Commerce transactions with SSL certificate that enables 256-bit encryption.

Google would like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web. Read it on Google Blog & watch it on YouTube


Why you MUST have SSL Certificate on your website:

  1. SSL Certificate authenticates the identity of the owner of the Website on the Internet. Earn trust of your users.
  2. Phishing is impersonation on the Internet. SSL prevents phishing attacks.
  3. SSL Certificate encrypts the data during transmission from your website (client) to another website (server). Data security.
  4. EV SSL Certificate provides a Green Bar in the Internet Browser as a visual representation to the user about the use of SSL Certificate on the website. Gain more trust of your website visitors
  5. PCI Security Standards Council mandates the use of SSL Certificate on all websites where Credit Card information is accepted and transmitted.
  6. Google wants you to use SSL Everywhere on your website. HTTPS websites would certainly be preferred by Google for rankings in its search results.


Types of SSL Certificate:

  1. Entry Level SSL Certificate that requires only Domain Name validation
    • It costs the least. However does not have much credibility.
  2. A Standard SSL Certificate with 256 bit encryption. There can be following variants of this:
    • SSL Certificate valid for a single Domain Name. Some certificate issuers allow the installation for a Dedicated IP also.
    • Multi-Domain SSL Certificate for multiple Domain Names on a single server
    • Wildcard SSL Certificate for multiple Sub-Domains on a single server
    • SSL Certificate for Intranets and Extranets
  3. EV SSL [Extended Validation] : All things remain same, however a green bar comes on the address bar in the browser. This is very useful (and strongly recommended  for online merchants, banks, stocks & securities companies, universities where a large number of people use the online portal.
    • A green bar generates trust and easy acceptance of the website. It is a must for websites that attracts large number of visitors like E-Commerce portals, Banking sites etc..
  4. Special Purpose Certificates :
    • Unified Communication Certificate (UCC) for Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007
    • Code Signing Certificate for software developers to indicate the integrity of source of software code
  5. Enterprise SSL Certificate Solutions: Enterprise SSL certificate solutions are appropriate for organizations that require Instant issuance on pre-approved domains and organizations, multiple administrators, certificate status reporting, and audit logs of all certificate activity.
    • Managed PKI : automates and centralizes the management of cryptographic keys and digital certificate
    • Private Certification Authority Service (Private CA) for security and management of private intranet certificate.


We are Authorized Reseller Partners of Major SSL Certificate Brands:

Our Services

  1. We suggest you the most suitable type of SSL certificate for your requirement:
    • SSL Certificate Reseller Partner of Comodo and SymantecWebsite on shared server
    • Application on local server / intranet
    • Web Application on Dedicated / Virtual Server
    • Application on Cloud Server (Google cloud Platform /Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS)
    • SSL Certificate for Email / Exchange Server
  2. Installation of SSL Certificate on your Server
  3. Re-issuance
  4. Renewal of SSL Certificates
  5. Ongoing technical support


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