Following terms are applicable to all domain marketplace services extended to our clients. It includes acquiring existing domain name from current domain owner through direct negotiation, a straight buying off a domain selling site, pre-ordering an expiring domain name (so that it gets registered in our favor upon expiring of domain redemption period)

  1. There are 3 players in Domain Marketplace activities. M/s Sanver E-Solutions Pvt Ltd provides domain acquisition services and will be referred to as “Domain Marketplace Service Provider” (DMSP). The domain purchasing client will be referred to as “Client”. The domain seller / owner will be referred to as “Seller”.
  2. Our service charges for negotiation with the Seller is Rs.2500 + S.T per domain name. The fees is non refundable and is payable 100% in advance. In case domain is successfully purchased for you, we will adjust this amount in our domain acquisition fees (which is 15% of the domain purchase price from the Seller)
  3. We always very strongly recommend the Client not to contact the Seller directly. Many a times, the Seller jacks up the domain price after knowing the Client.
  4. Once we successfully purchase the domain name from the Seller, we transfer the domain to our control panel and renew it, in favor of the Client, for a period of 5 years. The domain transfer and renewal fees has to e paid by the Client.
  5. The domain purchase price, once agreed by the Client, becomes legally binding on them. The domain purchase price is to be paid 100% in advance.
  6. The service contract is between Sanver E-Solutions Pvt Ltd and The Client. We are, in no case, obliged to reveal the identity of the Seller or details of communication between us and the Seller to the Client.
  7. All payments should be made through a crossed cheque in favour of Sanver E-Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The above mentioned terms are inclusive and not exhaustive. We retain the right to modify it and would duly inform the client and seek their approval, if needed.

Please sign a copy of this document and send it back to us as token of acceptance of our terms.