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We provide following Domain Name services:


domain name for your business


TOP Domain Name Extensions : EVERYONE should have these extensions


MUST-HAVE Domain Name Extensions for any India based or focused company:


Six zones are reserved for use by qualified institutions in India:


Other India specific Domain Name Extensions


TOP International Domain Name Extensions

.CN, .EU, .ASIA, .UK, .DE, .JP, .RU


Sunrise Domain Name Registration :

sunrise domains registrationIf you are a trademark owner, you get the 1st right to register a domain name based on your registered trademark.


There is a documentation and registration process involved with an authorized trademark clearing house appointed by ICANN. Once done any new domain extension that is released by ICANN, the registered trademark owner gets the 1st right of domain registration for that domain extension.


Secure your trademark. Register it as your domain name. We will assist you in this exercise. Read more.