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Your customers are looking for you.

Where can they find you?

  • where can they find you?Google
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Twitter
  • Bing
  • Linkedin
  • Blog
  • YouTube


We provide comprehensive and integrated Online Marketing consulting & solutions consisting of :
  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
    We strongly recommend the use of Google Analytics for tracking website visitors generated through Social Media, Search Engine, Email Marketing & repeat website visits.


 Social Media Starter Pack

Now you can not have ANY excuses not to have a basic or an advanced presence on the Social Media scene primarily comprising of FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn ad YouTube. It is not only a professional necessity, but also a very important startegic tool to stay in touch with your current and prospective customers, employees and business partners.
Our Social Media Starter Pack is designed and handled by our in-house Social Media experts to jumpstart your professional presence on the Social Media Circuit.


Social Media Starter Pack Service Details:

  • Online Audit of your Social Media presence & recommendations
  • We will create a fully branded FaceBook Fan page, custom YouTube company page, Twitter account setup and a LinkedIn setup
  • Social Media profile page will be designed using your preferred corporate color, company logo and a custom designed background image (wherever applicable & possible)
  • Link integration of your Social Media page within themselves and with your Blog & Website
  • All your Social Media pages will have your basic corporate profile description with complete contact details
  • Social Media Training

Terms & Pricing

  • The contract is for only one & onetime setup per Social Media.
  • Social Media Training will be done through online articles and email newsletters.
  • Cost: Rs.5000 only

Listing your Website in Top 3 Search Engines

The biggest advantage of Search Engines over Social Media is that the search results reflects the need of the prospective customer, whereas in social media the information one comes across may not have immediate use. Social Media is vital to developing brand equity. Search Engines is essential to drive prospective customers to your website.
Leading global search enginesGoogle, Yahoo and Bing (from Microsoft), amongst themselves, account for over 80% of the search engine traffic. Hence we recommend that your webpages should be periodically submitted to these leading global search engines.

Search Engine Submission Pack Service Details:

  1. Creation of Website SiteMap (textpage)
  2. Submission of all the webpages of your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing

Terms & Pricing

  1. The submission service pack is for 12 months and costs Rs.1950 only
  2. Sitemap creation is done once only. Editing, updation & re-submission of SiteMap (textpage) will be charged Rs.750 per instance
  3. Making your existing static webpages search engine friendly (with Title, Keyword & Description Meta Tags) will be charged Rs.2500 per set of 5 pages.


Add Ons

  1. Google Analytics for tracking the visitors to your website and for social media activity. Good tool for analyzing ROI for your campaigns.
  2. Live Chat on your Website
  3. Corporate Blog with or without a corporate website
  4. SugarCRM integrated to your website