Sanver LiveChat 

Convert your Website Visitors to your Customers

Get more Sales value & Higher sales Create Trust, Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

100% control over Software Code and Chat Records.

Unlimited Websites | Unlimited Departments | Unlimited Users | Unlimited Concurrent Chats


Why Sanver LiveChat for your Website?

  1. Enhanced online chat experience for the Visitor
  2. Offline messages, Chat  transcript by Email
  3. Unlimited Operators, Departments and Users
  4. Advanced Reporting features for the  Administrators
  5. Visitor monitoring & tracking in real time
  6. Fully Customizable Chat Style & Process
  7. Delivered to you Up & Running in 1 Day
  8. Host on your own servers for 100% data security
  9. Prompt & Reliable technical support
  10. Very affordable with competitive pricing
Service Details:
  1. 100% Managed Live Chat On-Demand hosted on our your own servers
  2. Your own Chat Admin Control Panel @
  3. Unlimited Agents, Departments & Users
  4. Chat box customized as per your corporate color and logo
  5. Facebook style Chat Box on your website
  6. Complete guidance on how to use it
  7. Reliable & Prompt Technical Support
Pricing Details:
  1. Application installation on your Server
  2. Integration with your website
  3. 100% interface customization
  4. 1 hour free online training
  5. Access to rich FAQ online
  6. Prompt and Reliable Technical Support over chat / email / phone
  7. US$99 per month / Rs.75,000 for 1st year
  8. Nominal Renewal fees in subsequent years towards technical support & application maintenance on your servers

Recommended Addons:

  1. Virtual Private Cloud Server for Application Hosting & Website Hosting
  2. SSL Certificate on your server for Online Security
  3. Google Apps for Work on your Domain Name



Facebook Style LiveChat on your Website

Feature Details
  1. Fully Hosted & Fully Managed Live Chat Application Online
    • No Installation & Zero Maintenance : Sanver LiveChat is fully hosted and managed by us. No equipment to buy and no software to install on the server side to start an online chat. We take care of all the hardware, software, backup and maintenance work for you.
    • Easy to Start & Easy to Use : Just sign up, get the chat code and paste it onto your web pages, you can start chatting with your online website visitors. And the user-friendly interface design makes it easy to use even for non-tech users.
  2. Online Chat, Anytime, Anywhere
    • 100% Web Based : The client side chat box works on any browser platform, be it Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Safari. The website visitors can chat with the website admin from any browser and from any platform : be it desktop, laptok, iPhone or any other Smartphone (Android, Symbian, BLackBerry etc.)
    • Canned Messages & URLs : You can store frequently used messages & URLs for the convenience of using them during an online chat.
    • Department : This enables you to group operators into departments and route visitors to the most suitable operators online.
    • Auto Accept Chat Request : This enables you to automatically route chat requests to online operators. You can set the maximum number of concurrent chats that each operator can take.
    • Ban Visitors : You can ban visitors by Visitor Id, IP or IP Range. Banned visitors are not displayed in the Visitor Monitor window, and cannot initiate online chat requests or leave offline messages.
  3. Online Visitor Monitor & Customer Engagement
    • Visitor Information : Our hosted live chat software enables you to have a 360 degree view of your website visitors, including name, status, current page, referrer, Geo info, IP address, browser type, etc.
    • Transcripts & Navigation History : All visitors’ navigation history, chat transcripts and offline messages are saved in the system and you can retrieve them whenever needed.
    • Proactive Invitation : You can invite your online visitors to chat manually or automatically. You can also use auto invitation rules to define who to invite and which invitation to pop up according to your business rules to deliver a highly personalized online chat experience.
  4. Fully Customizable Chat Style & Process
    • Have Your Own Branding & Style : You can personalize the chat button, chat window, pre-chat window and offline message window with your own branding and style. A series of professionally designed built-in templates are also provided.
    • Pre-Chat Survey : You can choose to require your online website visitors to fill out a pre-chat form before chatting and fully customize the form according to your business needs.
    • Offline Message Form : Visitors can leave you a message when no operator is online. You can tailor the offline message form based on your specific needs.
    • Post-Chat Rating : With post-chat rating enabled, visitors can rate operators’ performance and leave comments after chatting.
  5. Flexible Permission Settings
    • Operator Permission : You can define the permissions of each operator, including View Navigations, View My Department’s Chat Transcripts and Offline Messages, Manage Website Integration, Manage Canned Messages, Manage Ban List and View Reports, etc.
    • Operator Group Permission : You can create multiple operator groups and grant specific permissions to each operator group, including View Navigations, View My Department’s Chat Transcripts and Offline Messages, Manage Website Integration, Manage Canned Messages, Manage Ban List and View Reports, etc.
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