CRM on Cloud. SugarCRM. VTigerCRM. SuiteCRM

SugarCRM | VTigerCRM | SuiteCRM

CRM hosted on Cloud Servers. Ready to use. Secure & Ultra Fast. Rock solid stability, 99.99% guaranteed uptime and 100% fully managed by us.

Fully Managed Hosting

  • Full access to System Admins & PHP / LAMP developers who manage your Cloud CRM.
  • Technical support, system maintenance, backups & restores, troubleshooting…we do it all for you.

Fully secure Cloud Hosting

  • 256 bit Comodo SSL Certificate for safety of your data
  • SiteLock for Website Security
  • CodeGuard for Website Backups

Fully User friendly & Pocket friendly

  • Unlimited users | one fixed price
  • You own the data
  • Ready to use with default 10 users.

Cloud Features

  • Scale up CPU and RAM on demand anytime
  • Ultra Fast page loads through the use of smart caching by VARNISH.
  • Ready to use with default 10 users.

CRM Versions we provide (choose any one)


Regular Cloud CRM

CPU Cores 2


20GB Disk Space

750GB Bandwidth

Email Ids 200

cPanel CP

$50per month
Rs. 3500pm

Corporate Cloud CRM

CPU Cores 4


40GB Disk Space

750GB Bandwidth

Email Ids 400

cPanel CP

$70per month
Rs. 4500pm

Enterprise Cloud CRM

CPU Cores 6


60GB Disk Space

750GB Bandwidth

Email Ids 600

cPanel CP

$90per month
Rs. 5500pm


Additional Services & Add-Ons @ very affordable rates

  1. Daily backup on an independent FTP server
  2. Enquiry / Lead form on your website / CMS & its integration with CRM
  3. Unlimited Customization of CRM through in-built menu / Studio
  4. Creating new Modules & other additional features
  5. Data Migration of CRM installation from your server to our server
  6. Installation of CRM on your local or webserver
  7. Installation of Reports addons, Outlook Plugin, Language files & other Extensions
  8. any other services that you may need



Q. Do I have to pay for Software, Hosting and Technical support separately?

A. No. Software is FREE under GNU License. Hosting, Technical support and Maintenance is included in the prices indicated above.

Q. How will I train my users in using the CRM?

A. Through the SugarCRM, Vtiger CRM and SuiteCRM has extensive online knowledge-base that can be referred to as and when required. In addition to this; you can seek support from us too. We provide support through Support Portal, email and telephone. We can provide training to your users at your office also.

Q. What security tools we use?

A. We use Comodo SSL Certificate, Sitelock for Website Security and Codeguard for Online Backups in Cloud. By default the basic entry level of security product is provided in all packages. You can opt for higher level of security product.

Q. How many users can use the CRM at a time?

A. All cloud CRMs on demand supports unlimited users.

Q. Do we provide CRM Consulting and Implementation?

A. Yes. Please write to us. Visit our CRM Implementation page on this website.