Google Cloud Platform


Google Cloud PlatformGoogle offers the same computing & hosting platform that it itself used for running popular services like Google Search and YouTube, in addition to host of other services for which Google is known for.

This cloud offering from Google is known as Google Cloud Platform and is an suit of enterprise services that comes under Google for Work.

A very brief intro to Cloud Computing

Cloud ComputingCloud Computing makes use of virtualization technologies and makes available to users massive computing resources spread across datacenters and applications hosted on it as virtual templates. The users can focus on their core business instead of managing hosting servers and application on it.

The leading players in cloud computing market includes big names in IT like Amazon (AWS), Google (Google Cloud Platform), Microsoft (Azure) and IBM (SoftLayer) mainly in PaaS segment (Platform as a Service) & IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) under Public Cloud category.

Under SaaS (Software as a Service) the notable names are SalesForce (CRM), Google Apps (Communication & Collaboration Applications), DropBox (online Storage), WhatsApp (Messaging) etc.

How to start using Google Cloud Platform for your business?

Most of the CEO / CIO / CTO are trying to comprehend how to “get into Cloud”. We will try to remove all the jargon and de-mystify cloud computing in a way that you can start using Google Cloud as a strategic tool in the management of your business.


Step 1 : Google Apps for Work

Google Apps is a collection of applications hosted on Google Cloud Platform and made available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) to be used for a Domain Name by any business on payment of nominal monthly / annual fees to an Authorized Google Apps Reseller (Google does not sells it direct to the customer). Google Apps comprise of applications for Communication, Collaboration, Storage and Management (administrator).

Google Email / GMail from Google Apps for WorkIt is strongly recommended to adopt Google Apps on your Domain Name. Google Mail / GMail is the flagship application which comes integrated with other applications as a bundle.

Sanver E-Solutions is one of leading Google Apps Authorized Reseller Partners. We resell Google Apps for Work license and provide full-service implementation services.


Step 2 : Host your Website on Google Cloud Platform

Host your static website, WordPress website or Magento  store or any custom developed application Host WordPress on Google Cloud Platformon Virtual Machines created on Google Cloud infrastructure. The VM comes with root access for you to install any software that you need. The VM comes with access to regulating the applications and the resources that you need. You pay only for what you use and for the time you use it.

Sanver E-Solutions is a Service Partner to Google Cloud Platform. We can host your websites and applications on Google Cloud Platform and provide technical support on a on-going basis.


Step 3: Use Google Cloud DNS

Google Cloud DNS ServiceGoogle Cloud DNS is a DNS Hosting services being used by Google itself and that has been offered to public. It is a high availability and high performance DNS Hosting Service strongly recommended for websites with high visitor traffic like e-commerce sites or public service websites (government / educational institutions / hospitals etc.)

Sanver E-Solutions offers Google Cloud DNS Service with or without a Domain Name registration with us. Full technical support provided.


Authorized Partner for Google Apps for WorkOther services from Google Cloud Platform

  1. Data Storage for backup / archiving / disaster recovery for databases, structured / unstructured data and private files
  2. Big data analysis with BigQuery and Hadop

Sanver E-Solutions is a leading partner to Google for Google Cloud Platform & Google Apps for Work 


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