Go Google! Gone Google!

Migrate from Google Apps Standard Edition to Google Apps for Work


Google Apps Email (Google Apps Standard Edition) was the Free Service given by Google Inc. It was initially for unlimited user mailboxes, then it was downgraded to 50 user mailboxes and then further down to 10 only. Now the service has been withdrawn by Google for new sign-ups. Old accounts are still fully functional.



We strongly recommend all users of Google Apps Standard Edition to upgrade to Google Apps for Work.  ASAP.


The old free edition has been discontinued and it does not have the same features, service and support from Google as the paid Google Apps for Work Edition. Email has become a very strategic resource for enterprises of all sized (from 1 man company to large corporations). Upgrading to Google Apps for Work Edition will allow your company to make use of the cutting edge technologies for online communication and collaboration. It also ensures that you get full featured service and support from Google Inc.





1. Mailbox Size

Google Apps for Work has 30GB of mailbox size as against 15GB for the old Standard Free Edition.


2. Mobile Sync and BES Integration

Google Apps for Work can also be integrated with Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). The BES connects with Google, authenticates using OAuth and syncs using Gmail Sync, Calendar and Contacts. The Google Sync (Active Sync) tool which syncs mail, contacts, and calendars with smart phones like iPhones and Androids is a feature of both editions of Google Apps. However, in Google Apps for Work this feature can be restricted or turned off as a security measure. This allows an Administrator to better comply with the company’s policies around mobile devices.


3. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® allows you to use Microsoft Outlook® 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 effectively with Google Apps. You get the cost savings, security and reliability of Google Apps, while employees can use the interface they prefer for email, contacts, calendar and notes.


4. Google Groups 

It is a powerful App available only to Google for Apps for Work and for Education. Users can easily create groups to communicate more easily with their departments, teams, task forces, and special-interest groups. They can also create groups that people outside your organization can send messages to — ideal for your customer service, support, and sales teams


5. Email Security & Reliability

Google Apps includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Google Apps for Business offer the additional security features of SSO integration, 2-step user verification, forced SSL, and custom password strength requirements.

Security is not the only consideration when choosing a business productivity and messaging solution. The other important factor is reliability; the service must be available and have very few service disruptions. Google Apps for Work guarantees a 99.9% up-time in the Service Level Agreement. This works out to be no more than nine hours of downtown per year.

All current users of Free Google Apps (formerly known as Google Apps Standard Edition) as advised to read the Google’s Terms of use for Google Services:

  1. Google Privacy & Terms
  2. Google Apps Service Level Agreement


Please note that there is no SLA (service level agreement) for Free Google Apps. It means that you are using  the Free Edition on your own risk as Google does not promise anything for this product beyond what is mentioned in Google Terms of Service which is quite generic in nature.


Authorized Reseller Partner to Google



We are Authorized Google Apps Reseller. We:

  1. Resell Google Apps Licenses
  2. Setup Google Apps for your Domain Name
  3. Assist you in migrating from exiting email system to Google Apps for Work and Education
  4. Provide Technical Support on an ongoing basis.
  5. Provide classroom training for users and admin


Upgrade from Google Apps Standard Edition to Google Apps for Work:

  1. You will not loose any emails during upgradation process
  2. Your email service will not have ANY downtime for upgradation
  3. All your data and services of Google Apps will remain as it is
  4. You will have full access to our Technical Support & Services team

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