F1 Sunday in Melbourne

Formula One Pit Stop Girls
What a day it was! Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia.


f1-appBright & Sunny. Drama filled. And action packed. However I had to be content with watching it live on Star Sports and having data streamed live on F1 Official Mobile App for Android.

Agreed, that watching it live being on the race stands is an unforgettable experience, however sitting in home, I tell you, watching F1 with the twin tools of Live TV & Live Mobile App streaming is a killer combination. In some ways, better than being physically there at the race.

Formula 1 racing is a very technical event. Not only in terms of the technology that goes in developing the car and managing different aspects of the race, but also in terms of compliance with the very stringent rules set by the F1 managing authorities. This makes the race very interesting.


Albrt Part, F1 race Track, Melbourne, AustraliaAn interesting aspect of the race is the focus on issues related to tyres. A considerable time of the commentators is focused on the strategy adopted by the racing teams vis-a-vis the tyres to be used by their racing cars.

57 laps is a long race. Its non-stop, except for the pit-stops. The race is a ultimate test of the man, the race car and the support team. Quite often the topic discussed is who is ahead of whom and by how many seconds!


Esteban Gutiérrez, Ferrari -VF16, car crash. He survivedThe accident involving Fernando Alonso [McLaren] and Esteban Gutierrez [Haas] was a scary moment that delayed the race for about 15 minutes. What is remarkable is the safety features that has got in-built in today’s cars. Both the drivers just got out of their mangled cars, brushed their sides and shook hands with stunned fans. If only the cars we drive is also built as safe as a F1 car.

The buzz was about Team Haas [drivers Romain Grosjean & Esteban Gutiérrez][Ferrari -VF16 with Pirelli tyres] that is the latest to join the F1 Club (also half-jokingly called the “Piranha Club.”) having racing biggies such as five major teams — Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault. Sadly Esteban had to retire from the race as he got hit by Alonso  [McLaren], but Grosjean finished sixth.

Gene Haas, Owner : Team Haas F1Romain Grosjean has described finishing sixth for Haas on their maiden F1 outing as like “a win” for the American team: “Guys listen to me: this is a win for us, this is a win. Welcome to Formula One, Gene [Haas, team owner]. This is the day – this is history guys!”

American businessman Gene Haas has been successful in NASCAR Sprint races in US and his is the only US team in F1 GP. In the press conference before the race, he said, “You can watch this racing your whole life, but there’s nothing like being a participant to really understand it, and I have a lot of respect for the teams that are here, and the level of technical competence you have to have to even start one of these races. I’m pretty much in awe. It’s a challenge, and I hope it’s a lot of fun.”


Sahara Force India scored six points in today’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix with Nico Hulkenberg coming home in seventh place ahead of Sergio Perez in P13.

Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg came 7th scoring 6 points in the season’s opening race. It is a quite commendable achievement and meets Team’s founder Vijay Mallya’s expectations.

A lot of people (especially from India) were expecting the former “King of Good Times” to appear in the race at Albert Park. But he was no-where to be seen. Interestingly, the State Government has rolled out Red carpet welcome to Vijay Mallya, despite his $1 Billion default in India, and is slated to appear in the posh Grand Prix official welcome reception at Government House on Thursday night.


The Mercedes Team [2015 Champions] is a strong one with tested & accomplished drivers : Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg. The whole of the race was focused on the trio of Nico [1st], Lewis [2nd] and Vettel [3rd]. The Red Bull team drivers also added a lot of spice to the race. Hamilton & Vettel were the winning favorites before the match had to be rescheduled due to the car crash of Alonso.

Nico Roseberg


The next Race is scheduled in Bahrain [ 1st to 34d April, 2016] in Sakhir. Team Sanver will participate in the event and may launch a Sports Tourism Pack for the event.


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  1. Speed and F1 goes hand in hand. F1 is a game of such international gesture which is widely respected and loved by the fans all over the world. Loved it.

  2. F1 is a game of royals. It is a game that gainer maximum attention of the fans all over the world. Physically if you are present in my opinion you are the luckiest person to witness it. Frankly I am not a F1 fan but today I was going through the newspaper I read about the unfortunate accident. Alphonso just came out to show his mom he was ok. Really that was a scary moment. At what speed they drive we normal people can just only imagine. Hats off.

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